Zoe Kravitz Blue Araks Slip Dress Is Perfect For Summer

It comes as no surprise that Kravitz, who has long had enviable style, would be the source of this summer’s most sought-after dress, which, with the right boots and oversized cardigan, could easily transition into a fall staple. “I need Zoë Kravitz’s blue dress ASAP. This color is everything,” a user named Sierra tweeted. The founder of the Hung Up newsletter, Hunter Harris, wrote: “I found Zoë Kravitz’s blue dress so my work here is done I believe.” Another user, named Rachel, found herself in a very relatable conundrum because of Kravitz’s dress: “I lost my airpods, but I found the link to Zoë Kravitz’s blue dress.. should I buy new headphones or the dress?” she tweeted.