You Have to See This “Beast” Birth Mark the Botched Docs Remove

Beauty and the beast. 

On the July 20 season finale of Botched, Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow remove a “beast” birth mark from Chicago native Jazmyn. After years of feeling self-conscience about the “lightning bolt shooting down” her neck, Jazmyn sought the Botched docs’ expertise in not just treating the inflamed and growing birth mark but removing it all together. 

“I literally have a beast growing out of my neck,” Jazmyn explained. “It bleeds, it cracks, it burns. I sweat from it. I just don’t want to have deal with it anymore.”

She even feels forced to wear her long hair down in public to avoid peoples’ questions and stares.

“I just have a huge, disgusting, ugly monster on my neck,” Jazmyn added. 

In the past, dermatologists advised Jazmyn to “maintain” her birth mark with anti-itch cream, which Jazmyn called “high-maintenance” care for something she didn’t want in the first place. “I’m ready for this baby to go away,” she concluded.