Why Fans Will be “Shocked” By Todd Chrisley’s Botox Routine

“Yes, I probably need to go back for the touch up,” he added. “The problem is, I don’t have time to go back for the touch up. Listen, I get my haircut at my home, my doctor comes to my house with the Botox, our skincare is done at home because we work literally every day. So if it can’t come here and let me be getting something done with the rest of the family is filming for that day and then I jump in the next one, then it’s just not going to get done.” 

Todd’s multitasking techniques came in handy while filming during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They made sure that protocols were right in place to make sure that we were safe, that the crew was safe, to follow every mandate,” Todd reflected. “There was never a time that we felt like we were not safe. As a matter of fact, we felt like we were in the safest place we could be, because we were in our home, surrounded by people that were constantly being tested. Everyone was wearing masks and we felt safe. I feel like season nine, although we deal with the pandemic, some of the greatest moments come in season nine.”