Why Costco Clothes Are It In 2022

While Costco fans thrive online, most sources interviewed for this story say they go to the store in person, and that’s because shopping at the warehouse is unlike any other retail experience. Usually located in the middle of the store, the clothing section spans dozens of tables with pieces piled on top of each other, topped by white-and-black signs with brand names like Nike, Adidas, and Eddie Bauer, as well as the company’s own label, Kirkland. The deals speak for themselves — Calvin Klein leggings at $19.99, Banana Republic shorts at $14.99, etc. — encompassing a shopping experience devoid of the decor, overly curated merchandising, and crowds ubiquitous in malls and boutiques. Yet, it’s all full of today’s biggest fashion trends: On a recent visit, I spotted low-rise cargo pants, skorts, and tracksuits. (Costco declined to comment on how they source their merchandise.)