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Summer is here! With the scorching heat come beach days, shorter hemlines and balmy nights watching movie after movie while sipping on cocktails. From blockbusters to indie gems, the best summer flicks underline the sun-kissed vibes of the season – whether it’s first love, family reunions or amazing outdoor parties. Of course, summer isn’t just about pool parties and blissed-out beats, which is why daylight horror and summer gothic films get shoutouts too.

More importantly, I tease out what your innermost desires are based on your choice of summer flick. Are you into heart-warming fare soundtracked to 80s hits? Can’t stand arthouse romances set in sun-soaked locations? Your preferences may say something essential about what you want deep down – psychologically and sartorially. To explore your psyche (and wardrobe) in detail, read on! You may end up being more than a little surprised.

1. Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsInnermost desire: To stay grounded

Despite a spiky exterior and a tendency for being way too ironic for your own good, you have a warm-hearted core that’s secretly brimming with empathy. Sometimes you might come across as a loner, but in reality you’re just shy. Even though you occasionally get too emotionally intense over a summer fling, you always prioritize your BFFs when it comes to the crunch, just like the heroines of the 2005 comedy-drama Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, who share a pair of “magical” jeans over one life-changing summer.

Putting down roots and staying connected are your ultimate goals, however strong your desire for adventure might seem right now. Your wardrobe reflects these traditionalist leanings, with cozy and easy breezy pieces that never go out of style, like straight leg jeans in a boyfriend cut, floral slip dresses showing just a hint of décolletage, and a polo knit in juicy colors. You probably also own a fairytale piece that’s quirky and statement-making yet still highly wearable – think a sleek jumpsuit, a corset top or a classic trench coat.

2. Little Miss SunshineInnermost desire: To have the best of both worlds

If you love this 2006 indie comedy about a dysfunctional family on a road trip to a child beauty pageant, you’re probably forever torn between wanting to belong and wanting to be an iconoclast. You appreciate the maverick spirit of the movie’s pre-teen heroine, Olive Hoover, who has her own take on youthful glamor, but you’re also a big sucker for family reunions and heart-warming endings. In short, you’re always searching for the best of both worlds.

That tendency bodes well in your sartorial choices as you excel at juxtaposing contrasting styles. You’re an expert at hitting the sweet spot between quirky and preppy, whether it’s toning down a hard-edged look with cutesy touches, or infusing a sunny ensemble with grungy influences. This loose-fit button-up with a quirky print will be right up your alley, especially when paired with gray dress pants for a look that blends art school vibes with a touch of business casual. For extra sass, add a bright yellow shoulder bag and a slash of bright orange lipstick.

3. (500) Days of SummerInnermost desire: To turn your romantic adventures into art

Being a fan of a whimsical yet bittersweet romance such as (500) Days of Summer, which tracks Tom Hansen’s relationship with Summer Finn over the course of a year, does not make you a diehard romantic. It does, however, make you the kind of person who prefers reminiscing about past romances over actually being in a relationship. You long for short-lived but intense entanglements rather than the classic happy ending. That way, one day you might write a novel or make a movie about “The One” that got away.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you’re equally strategic. You love mixing sleek staples with thrift store finds to create stylized, hyper-femme ensembles − just like Tom’s dream girl Summer. For that upcoming weekend date, consider this white patchwork top, and pair it with a yellow A-line skirt for ladylike energy. Seal the deal with minimalistic accessories like this clear snap clip embellished with gold foil, and ivory flats radiating vintage vibes.

4. MidsommarInnermost desire: To be free of drama

Anyone whose favorite summer movie is a horror film is either really stressed or a budding psychopath (I’ll go with the former). Even though you seem to enjoy living life on the edge, secretly you yearn for catharsis, inner peace and some sense of closure to whatever drama you’ve gone through. Midsommar, the 2019 daylight horror about a Swedish summer festival gone horribly wrong, offers a spine-tingling experience that reveals your primary longing: to be free of toxic baggage.

Let’s start by purging your wardrobe of its more outré elements, before tackling your headspace. In lieu of candy-colored tops and ultra-minis, go for simple, floaty all-white outfits topped by gauzy headbands, which are tailor-made for holidays in the sun. It’ll allow you to pay homage to the movie’s folk horror aesthetic while putting you in a calm frame of mind. As a final touch, keep a face mist close by in case you need some mid-day soothing.

5. Mamma MiaInnermost desire: To have fun no matter what

Jam-packed with ABBA hits, Mamma Mia is a comedy, musical and drama rolled into one. This light-hearted 2008 film follows heroine Sophie on her quest to find her real father, and it features a range of classic summer tropes, including a beachside setting, a plot revolving round a summer wedding, and lots of dancing. If this sounds like quintessential viewing, you’re probably someone who enjoys drama and can ride it out like a pro. That’s because your goal is simple: to have fun regardless of what life throws at you.

Your wardrobe is bold, fun and vibrant (just like your personality), which is why I’ve chosen this cool girl maximalist ensemble for your summer parties. It’s anchored by a purple halter top and zebra print pants. Kitten heel flip flops along with lilac sunnies complete the look. With this pop star-worthy get-up, there’s no way life could ever be boring!

6. Words Bubble Up Like Soda PopInnermost desire: To hold on to the perfect summer

Rendered in effervescent, retro-tinged colors but charged with melancholic undertones, Netflix’s recent slice-of-life anime movie Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop is all about an adorably awkward romance between two small-town teens during one fateful summer. The quiet and haiku-obsessed Cherry meets the bubbly and buck-toothed Smile, and a budding romance ensues. The duo engage in minor mysteries as they grapple with their emotions to touching results.

If this is your favorite summer movie of the bunch, chances are you’re very protective of your teenage self. Whatever direction your life takes, your mind always loops back to that one magical summer where everything hung in delicate balance. There’s a part of you that wants to stay with that summer forever, and you hold on to that youthful energy by indulging in a bright, kidult-infused wardrobe. This juicy-colored top with a flower motif is just your ticket, especially when styled with sweat shorts boasting minimalist embroidery, and chunky sneakers. A sweet-colored tote provides the perfect finishing touch for an outfit tailor-made for the perennially young-at-heart.


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