What Matt Damon Texts Ben Affleck Amid Jennifer Lopez Romance

Like so many of us, Matt Damon is caught up in the whirlwind romance of Bennifer 3.0. There’s just one difference: He’s able to text BFF Ben Affleck about it.

“Well, I mean, it’s real-life stuff,” Matt told People about his texts with Ben. “We each got a whole mess of kids. We text pretty much about everything. There’s so much in the press about him that normally I’m just fact checking things I read. ‘Did this happen?’ He’s like, ‘No that didn’t happen.'”

The most recent wave of headlines featuring Ben were about his French yacht outing with Jennifer Lopez for her 52nd birthday. During the celebrations, the duo recreated a moment from her music video from nearly 20 years ago, when they were first together, with Ben touching bikini-clad Jen’s butt in the “Jenny From the Block” clip.

“All the pictures that have come out are the same ones that you see,” Matt continued. “I don’t know anything you don’t know.”