What Has Really Changed for Aly & AJ Since Their Teen Pop Star Days

While concerts were on hold, the sisters were busy in the studio, noting upon the latest LP’s release that they spent a year and nine months putting the finishing touches on it.

In a statement when A Touch of the Beat… came out, the sisters said that they “weirdly held an unnatural confidence over the recording & writing process this year… like we were meant to make this music regardless of the world falling into the abyss because it was the record we were always born to make.”

AJ, 30, told E! News, “I think for us it’s just a matter of our taste changing and evolving and growing. The music we listen to now as opposed to what we were listened to when we made the first album [2005’s Into the Rush] is wildly different.”

She explained, “I think we’re more fearless with like, alright, if this is something that speaks to us, great. We’re not trying to write radio, we’re not trying to write for a specific platform—we’re writing for ourselves and our fans. And I think that’s key.”

Aly agreed with the notion of being more fearless in pursuing a sound they might have steered away from in the past, saying, “Whether that’s in a musical choice or production choice, you know even yesterday we were writing and we kind of looked at each other and we’re like, ‘Alright, I guess we’re going down this road on the song.'”