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Glossy observed that Chico’s is having a moment with Gen Z and millennials.The New York Times looked at how some Mormon women want the church to make temple garments more comfortable and healthier for daily wear.InStyle featured “the new old Stacy London.”U.S. News & World Report provided tips on dealing with WFH burnout.In her Culture Study newsletter, Anne Helen Petersen explored the four-day workweek.HBR gave advice on quitting your job without burning a bridge.Fast Company explained why workplace harassment increased during the pandemic.Above the Law shared their staff picks for summer reading.The New York Times offered advice on how to get back to sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night.TIME shared an essay by a woman who tried to live off woman-owned businesses for a week.The Guardian detailed how some innovations, like the rolling suitcase, have taken a long time to get to market because of gender stereotypes and macho culture.Your Laugh of the Week comes from Points in Case, with “7 Interjections That Will Trick Your Boss into Thinking You’re Listening to Her ‘Funny Story.’”

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