“Dans Ma Poche” (In My Pocket) is the exuberant nu-disco banger you didn’t know you needed. The electrifying new single was composed and produced by a French female DJ by the name of NUNI, and I’ll forgive you for not know who she is, because technically speaking, NUNI doesn’t exist. She’s the creation/alter-ego of Neosoul songstress Miranda Joan, A fantastic songwriter and performer who exudes a contagiously cheery and bubbly personality all over today’s interview.

A native Canadian, Miranda was eager to show her love and respect for her Alglo-French upbringing, so she wrote this piece as an ode to family, friends, French pastries. Working alongside long-time collaborator J3P0 (Julian Pollack) they both turned this already Chic song into a runway-worthy anthem infused with the sounds of nu-disco and French EDM.

Miranda returned to Vancouver recently, but she was well acquainted with the NYC music scene, having extensively played at places like the Guggenheim, Joe’s Pub and even The Town Hall. While in new york, Miranda did some amazing work with the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY), and if you know anything about those who deal with stuttering, you’ll know just how powerful singing can be for their self-confidence and even recovery.

“Dans Ma Poche” is not the first time you’ve worked with producer J3P0, how did you two start making stuff together?

We originally met on the scene here in New York. We had played a gig together and on my way home I was talking to the other vocalist about how I was looking for a producer to work with and he mentioned Julian. I hit him up the next day about having a session and the rest is history! It was a vibe from the jump and he ended up producing my first EP “Still”. It has been a pleasure to continue to work with him and grow together.

Tell us a bit about this French DJ alter ego of yours. Where does she come from?

My French DJ alter ego is named NUNI and it started as an inside joke between my brother and I. We’re always joking around and we’re from the French speaking part of Canada so one day it just sort of came up. We joked about some lyrics that I wrote down in my phone and then when I was in studio I brought it up with my producer and we ran with it. Et voilà NUNI!

Does she play a role in any of your other music? have you considered fully “becoming” her?

She does not play a role in any of my other music YET but she definitely will. Pandora’s box has been opened. There’s no putting NUNI back now. However I have not considered fully becoming her. I think I’d fall into a butter coma if that were the case.

I took the opportunity to listen to your full Soundcloud Catalog, it was an excellent selection! I did feel like there was an ongoing theme of nostalgia in your songs -even the most energetic and happy ones-  either lyrically or just in the sound itself. Are you a nostalgic person at all or is that just my personal interpretation getting in the way?

Interesting! It’s hard to listen to your own music objectively so it’s always a trip to hear other’s observations. Perhaps I am a nostalgic person but I’ve never really thought about it. I write a lot about love and, having moved around a lot in my life, it seems that oftentimes I find myself reflecting on it; where it was, how it felt… maybe that’s what you’re hearing but very interesting to think about! Thanks for listening 🙂

Back to “Dans Ma Poche.” while it’s still clearly a “you” track, I found that it sounds quite a bit different than a lot of the other songs in your catalog. Do you feel like it’s a new direction you want to move in or just exploring a wider range of sounds and influences?

This song is definitely a left turn from my previous releases but I think my general approach in the studio has been more about whatever makes sense for the song versus finding that one “sound”. The song called for this kind of production and so it made sense to make something different for it. I love where it landed though and definitely want to explore more in this world of music.

You lived in NYC for a while but now you’ve returned to Vancouver. What’s the process of switching back and forth between the two cities and cultures?

They could not be more polar opposites as far as places and what they have to offer. New York is an explosion of humanity and Vancouver is nature at its most majestic. We’re talking Planet Earth style geography. Both cater to such different parts of my spirit in beautiful ways so it has been interesting volleying between the two cities. I’m actually back in New York now for a while and just feeling it out. Both are homes to me and I’m so grateful for that.

What do you think has been the biggest takeaway of your time in the New York Scene?

Biggest take away…. There are so many! But one that comes to mind is to never stop growing. I am exposed to so much talent and exceptional artistry when I am here and it has pushed to grow and to continue to grow in ways far beyond what I could have imagined. I am so inspired by my friends, by the scene, by the city. It has made me a better artist, performer and creator because you’re constantly in it and around it… And getting your ass kicked! But sometimes you need that.

What are your absolute favorite pastries?

Wow. First let me just say that this is the best question. I could go in on this in ways that is perhaps too much for what the occasion calls fo, so I will say that there may not be a better thing on this planet than a perfect Chocolatine (chocolate croissant). When done right, it’s pretty freaking hard to beat.

Long live the croissant. May all things be croissants. And may we eat them all!



photos / Alexandra Martin

story / Samuel Aponte