We Are Thrilled to Report that Keanu Reeves Is in John Wick Mode


Poshine / Getty Images

Keanu Reeves 

There’s just something about seeing that haircut and salt-and-pepper beard that means trouble in the assassin community. 

Jonah Hill 

The best beard of the Covid era just keeps going. He’s been surfing a lot lately, and there’s nothing like spending time in the water for that salty sun-bleached look. 

Jared Leto 

Sometimes going clean shaven is more dramatic than any beard. 

Pharrell Williams

This one’s all about the three Gs: Glow, Goatee, Grill. 

Kid Cudi 

Kid Cudi went strawberry shortcake for late summer. 


Raymond Hall / Getty Images

Joe Jonas 

Don’t be afraid of a little shine next time you pick up some pomade. 



Ryan Reynolds

Take note: Rolling up to a movie premiere looking like a particularly put-together history teacher works better when you’ve got a fresh haircut. 


Getty Images

Joivan Wade

Also at the premiere of The Suicide Squad was this shifty little goatee.  


MEGA / Getty Images

Norman Reedus 

Reedus’s trademark mop clearly works well for activities in the sticky dog days of summer. 


MEGA / Getty Images


Nighttime sunglasses and a crispy high-top fade…whew!