This Patient’s “Medical Mystery” Stumped Even the Botched Docs

Getting it off his chest.

On tonight’s Botched, which aired on July 6, Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif come face-to-face with a surfers’ out-of-this-world story. Bruno, a lifelong surfer and a famed award-winning professional, has been suffering from two mysterious bumps since first riding a wave. By age 13, Bruno’s bumps started to form into large masses and surfing has been painful for the Portuguese pro ever since. 

“I don’t want [the bumps] to develop into something more serious that could take me out of the water forever,” Bruno opened up before meeting the Botched docs with his wife Sara. 

Dr. Dubrow dubbed Bruno’s ailment a “medical mystery” upon inspection. “He’s got these two mass-like structures,” Dubrow explained, pointing to Bruno’s upper abdomen. Yet CT scans didn’t solve what was behind the bumps. 

The doctors voiced their thoughts of “differential diagnoses” for Bruno, from most likely to least likely causes of the lumps. The surfer shared that he even tried liposuction 20 years ago, but there wasn’t any change. While Dr. Nassif believed the bumps may be fatty tumors, Dr. Dubrow had a different idea: paradoxical fat.