The radicalization of the Supreme Court


The six conservative justices on the Supreme Court have signaled that they’re likely to uphold a Mississippi law that mostly bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The question now is how far they’ll go.

“The court is on the brink of a mess — doctrinal, practical and political — and it’s hard to see how it is going to extricate itself,” Ruth Marcus wrote in an Opinions Essay for The Post. “Overruling Roe would get the court largely out of the abortion-deciding business, but it would create a political firestorm, just before the midterm elections.”

Marcus is a Yale-educated and Harvard-trained lawyer. She’s also The Post’s deputy editorial page editor. She offers insight into the historic challenge to Roe v. Wade and explains how a conservative “rule of six” is poised to reshape the nation.

Read Ruth Marcus’s Opinions Essay here.


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