The Best Nude Heels for Every Skin Tone: Designer Nude Heels

Jamela A Acheampong’s inspiration for creating her brand Kahmune sparked after seeing a photo of Kim Kardashian-West decked out in a full nude ensemble. On a mission to match the Kardashian’s chic outfit, she started looking for products that would match her exact skin tone. During her search, Acheampong noticed that nude often lead her to the same tan and beige shades. After falling short of options, she took a rather artist approach to creating her own nude heel. If you can believe it, she ordered a pair of white heels and a few shades of brown paint, and mixed them together until she was left with her perfect nude. Luckily, with her generous color assortment displayed across the Becky Pump, your kitchen doesn’t need to turn into an art studio (unless, of course, you’re now tempted to try this DIY project at home). Plus, the style comes in a few different heights, such as the 55mm and 110mm—ensuring that each wearer can find a shade and level of lift that suits them.