The best Halloween candy according to our staff

As a Midwestern kid, I learned a few hard lessons about Halloween candy exchange rates. Chocolate bars were the dominant currency. To get your hands on, say, a 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or (my fave) Baby Ruth bar, you had to be willing to trade two or three fun-size packages of Skittles, Life Savers or Smarties. My living room-education in Halloween economics only reinforced the idea that chocolate was the gold standard. All these years later, I’m still a sucker for a Baby Ruth, allegedly named for President Grover Cleveland’s deceased daughter, though that was likely a clever ruse to avoid paying royalties to the Sultan of Swat. Folks frequently compare Baby Ruths to Snickers, but the former has a different architecture altogether: The peanuts in a Baby Ruth bar are not chopped and suspended in caramel; they’re whole and draped in chocolate, like a peanut cluster riding atop a cloud of caramel-encased nougat, all gnarly and irresistible. — Tim Carman