The Best Guy Didn’t Make It Into Katie’s Bachelorette Final 4

Nothing like a good cry on a Monday night!

Somehow we’ve neared the end of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, and she has now narrowed her men all the way down to the final four. Of course she’s excited to meet the families of her top four boyfriends, but there were a lot of tears to be cried on the way, both for her and for us. 

First, she sent home Brendan. Brendan did not make that much of an impression on us, so Katie’s tearful goodbye to him also didn’t really do much. We got a little more emotional when she sent Mike P. packing, but only because she got so emotional and we had just watched him mentally wrestle with his views on intimacy. 

Then, it came time for Katie to send one last guy home at the last rose ceremony before hometown dates, and she did the unthinkable: she did not give a rose to Andrew S. Sweet sweet Andrew S., sent home! Katie, how dare you?