The Best Gifts for Tennis-Lovers


Photographed by Miles Aldridge, Vogue, June 2006

Does someone on your list live for the beautiful game of tennis? Whether their (or, uh. . . your? Shhh… ) interest is in hardcourts, clay, grass—or perhaps their attraction to the sport lies more in the, shall we say, aspirational or social side of the game—we’ve got you covered. Part of the beauty of tennis, after all, is that one player might be obsessed with perfecting their inside-out crosscourt forehand with hopes of joining the tour, while another spends their time planning the perfect outfit for the round-robin at the club. We’ve got both of those characters (and everyone in-between) covered, with appealing gifts at every price point, whether you’re shopping for equipment or instruction, fashion or diversion—and whether you’re looking for a show-stopper or a stocking-stuffer. Rafa’s racquet? Check. Roger’s après-court shoes? Yep. Personal instruction from Serena? Line it up. While one can’t exactly gift a loved one the perfect, match-winning, pinpoint-placed kick serve, one can, of course, gift that loved one the tools to make it happen—for which they’ll be forever grateful.

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