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Besides applying sunscreen, the second most important step in your morning skin care routine is cleansing. Dirt and bacteria can build up on skin overnight, and the most effective way to get rid of them is by cleansing your skin every morning.

Avoid harsh cleansers that strip skin of its natural oils. Instead, go for gentle formulas that remove dirt and oil without over-drying skin. Ahead are our picks for some of the best Korean face cleansers that are non-irritating, and will make you look forward to the cleansing step in your skin care routine.

This COSRX cleanser is a K-Beauty classic. The Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is a mildly acidic product that gently removes excess sebum and dirt while maintaining your skin’s pH balance. It’s also formulated with natural BHA to help improve uneven skin texture.

PURITO’s Defence Barrier pH Cleanser is another cleanser that doesn’t disrupt your skin’s natural pH level. It contains tea tree leaf oil, centella asiatica extract and royal jelly extract to  soothe and moisturize skin. The gel cleanser creates a rich, foamy lather and gently cleanses skin without stripping its moisture. 

Another Korean facial cleanser worth adding to your morning routine is the Black Rice Moisture 5.5 Soft Cleansing Gel from Haruharu WONDER. The cleanser is formulated with natural surfactants from coconut and fermented black rice extract to get rid of impurities while keeping your skin hydrated post-wash. 

Dear, Klairs’s Gentle Black Facial Cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It’s formulated with 4 Black Complex, which is packed with antioxidants such as truffle, blackberries, black bean and black cumin extracts. These skin-loving ingredients revitalize and nourish skin, fortify the skin barrier and provide antibacterial benefits. The formula is also a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. What’s not to love?

If you have oily skin and breakouts that need some attention, leave it to NEEDLY to take care of your skin. The Mild Cleansing Gel is a great cleanser to get rid of impurities and treat acne, including the dreaded maskne. You can use it day and night, especially if you live in a city with high pollution. 

Not a fan of foaming cleansers? Try cleansing milk instead. make p:rem’s Safe. Me Relief Moisture Cleansing Milk leaves your skin feeling clean, but not too squeaky clean that it feels taut. Plus, it soothes skin. If you suffer from redness or inflammation, make this cleansing milk your go-to cleanser every morning to calm skin and alleviate those skin concerns. 

d’Alba’s Peptide No Sebum Mild Gel Cleanser is made for those with oily and combination skin, or those who want to start an anti-aging routine. The cleanser contains papaya extract, which offers mild exfoliation. It’s also enriched with willow bark extract, which breaks down dead skin cells and gets rid of impurities that could clog pores.

NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Cereal works great on all skin types. It’s made with fermented five grains (including rice grains), as indicated by the raw ingredients encased at the bottom of the bottle. The cleanser gently washes away any dirt accumulated overnight without leaving a tight feeling afterwards. 

You won’t be able to get enough of this ultra-soothing cleanser. Formulated with green superfood extract, fermented wheat seed extract and tea tree complex, the Soft Reset Green Cleansing Foam from K-Beauty brand HYGGEE gently cleanses away grime and leaves skin soft and smooth after every wash. 

If you wake up to skin that feels irritated, leave it to MIZON’s Pore Fresh Mild Acidic Gel Cleanser to instantly soothe your skin. Thanks to houttuynia cordata extract in its formula, the gel cleanser keeps skin calm and happy. Its gel-to-foam formula ensures that no dirt is left behind in pores.

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