The 9 Best House of Gucci Fashion Moments Ahead of its Release

It was the picture that started it all: Gaga and Driver in their ’80s-inspired ski-cladding set against the picturesque backdrop of the Italian Alps. For Driver, this took the form of a chunky cable knit turtleneck sweater, which has been on our mood boards since it landed on our Instagram feeds in May. He matched the knit with a white snowsuit and, of course, big retro-framed glasses to coincide with the outlandish style of the era. In some sense, Driver’s minimalist palette relates to Maurizio Gucci’s mindset at that point in the couple’s story—one of little worries and filled with lots of love and glamour. 

On the topic of glamour, there is nothing pared-back about Gaga’s après-ski attire, and we are ever-thankful for it. Using a black sweater as a foundational piece, the costume was decorated with jaw-dropping gold jewelry, including a ring that speaks of Reggiani’s introduction to the Gucci family (she married Maurizio in 1973). While it was the jewelry that confirmed the character’s high-flying status, what caught our eye was the snow-white chinchilla headband. Though the fashion house stopped using real fur in 2018, the headpiece contextualizes the unbridled extravagance of the couple.