The 21 Affordable Pieces We’ll Be Wearing All Fall

Yesterday when I walked out of my apartment for a morning coffee run, it was a blissful and bright 80-degree day. By the time I returned home later that night, I had acquired two more impromptu layers due to the evening chill—a long-sleeve tee and a leather blazer. If this situation perfectly illustrates what you’re going through right now, you’ll want to bookmark this article and give this transitional checklist your full attention.

Right now, we’re at the crossroads of summer and fall, and besides wondering whether to order a cold brew or cappuccino, the great debate centers around the right time to retire all those linen dresses and finally break out an autumnal knit. It’s a tricky predicament, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated if you have the appropriate pieces at the ready. Presenting: the transitional-wardrobe checklist. From cozy-yet-not-too-warm knit tops to airy maxi dresses, I’ve compiled a list of everything you need to breeze through the late summer/early fall phase effortlessly—all under $40. Keep scrolling to check out everything and to see how to style them for the season.