The 16 Best Eyeshadow Brushes for Every Need 2021

We often splurge on showy products like eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and volume-boosting mascaras when it comes to eye makeup. Sure, those products do matter—but it’s your eyeshadow brushes that transform an everyday smoky eye from amateur to pro. 

The best eyeshadow brushes have specialized uses. Some are designed to blend your base for a smooth finish while others create sculpted definition in your creases. Regardless of their intended purpose, these wands come together to turn a basic lid into an intricate eye look.

Since these beauty tools can be confusing for makeup newbies (and even for more advanced makeup lovers), we’d like to offer a helping hand. From fluffy blenders to densely packed shaders, we’ve rounded up the best eyeshadow brushes that blend, buff, and line to your heart’s content.