The 15 Best Eyeshadow Palettes For Brown Eyes Of 2021


According to Natalia Thomas, a celebrity makeup artist based in NYC, brown eyes are incredibly versatile and lend themselves well to nearly any color palette. “It really depends on whether you would like to compliment your eye, make the color appear warmer, or even bring out the subtle flecks of color that make up the iris,” she explains. 

Consider the color wheel from art class: The shades across from one another are known as “complementary colors,” which means they contrast with one another more than any other color. In the case of brown, “blues and purples complement the eye,” says Thomas. You can also match or contrast your shadow to those tiny flecks of color you see in your iris. Thomas notes that golds and bronzes, in particular, will make irises pop, while we’ve found that red-leaning purples will make any flecks of green stand out. Lastly, you can’t go wrong matching your shadow to your eyes. “Brown is a lovely way to dress up the eye for a neutral vibe,” agrees Thomas. 


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