The 14 Best Pairs of Wide-Leg Pants: Wide-Leg Pant Trend

Ever since the whirlwind debate around skinny jeans broke out last year, a roomier, trendier style has blazed bright in its wake: wide-leg pants. Don’t get us wrong, we rely on skinny pants as much as the next person—but a few pairs of billowy bottoms on deck gives a certain ease to your wardrobe. Since their ‘70s takeover, wide-leg pants had cooled for a while—until they memorably resurfaced on the Fall/Winter 2016 runways of boho giants (Ulla Johnson; Zimmermann). Today, they’re considered a wardrobe requirement in the fashion world.

Even the most skinny-leg loyal French designers are on board—including Saint Laurent, whose Pre-Fall 2021 collection was rife with cord pants and wide-leg jeans. Basics brand The Row also presented a spattering of darted wide-leg trousers in its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, proving that the once-trendy cut is being seen as more of a classic.

Maybe it’s the style’s subtle retro kick, but wide-leg pants just feel destined for wearing adventurously—whether dominating boardrooms in a power suit or dancing into the late hours in a jumpsuit. With these pants in your repertoire, you’ll always fit some excitement into your day.

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