The 13 Best Water-Based Foundations To Shop In 2021

Even for those with normal to combination skin, using an oil-free, water-based foundation results in dreamy coverage that’s just on the brink of a dewy (never greasy) soft-focus texture with a breathable, barely-there feel. Best of all: these formulas are effortless when it comes to application—a welcome, low-maintenance approach compared to traditional full-coverage foundations. The five-minute, I-forgot-about-this-Zoom-meeting face is now a total breeze: simply use your fingers to spread the liquid evenly across your face (just like you’re applying sunscreen), or use a damped makeup sponge to blot on the pigment. Either way, you’re in for a flawless finish. 

There’s a time and a place for impenetrable foundation, of course, but if you’re on the hunt for the perfect canvas for easy everyday makeup, these are the 14 best water-based foundations to add to your routine.