The 13 Best Matte Eye Shadow Palettes of 2021

Hot take: Matte eye shadow might be one of the most underrated makeup products in your beauty arsenal. Don’t get us wrong—we still love a good shimmer or glitter shadow for a good time, but any makeup artist will tell you that smooth, pigmented matte shades are a prerequisite for looks that rely on bold color and contrast. Plus, it’s nice to change it up every now and then, right?

All that said, if you’ve already collected your fair share of eye palettes, you may have noticed it can be surprisingly tough to find one that’s entirely composed of matte shadows. That’s why we rounded up 12 gorgeous palettes filled with velvety, wearable, and (almost) 100% matte eye shadows so you can create the shine-free eye makeup looks of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for smoky hues, fun brights, or everyday neutrals, your new favorite is in the mix—read on.