The 10 Best Diptyque Perfumes, Ranked & Reviewed


Take a scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to find Diptyque candles strewn about the carefully curated homes of your favorite influencers. They’re hard to miss—with carefully jumbled letters piled on top of each other spelling out names like Feu de Bois and Baies, they are an unofficial status symbol for those-in-the-know—and for good reason. From the nuanced notes to the beautifully designed packaging, this Paris-based fragrance brand knows how to elevate our senses. And while discerning noses go wild for Diptyque’s cult-classic candles, the brand’s perfume selection is even more compelling. In fact, Diptyque first started making fragrances out of a small shop on Paris’ Boulevard Saint Germain in 1961, and each exquisite scent has since carried over into candles, body care products, and diffusers. 

With perfume selections bursting with character and unexpected refinement, there is a lot to love about Diptyque. It’s one of the most adored yet underrated perfume brands out there, and with one spritz, you’ll be hooked. Ahead we’ve compiled the ten best fragrances that you need in your arsenal guaranteed to give you that certain je ne sais quoi.


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