Tech Startup Health In Her HUE Raises $1 mln in Pre-Seed Round

Health In Her HUE (HIHH) has announced raising $1 million in a Pre-Seed funding round. It is a digital health startup based in New York that is working for more equity in the healthcare system.

The startup is working to develop its platform for assisting Black women and women of color access culturally sensitive healthcare providers, health content, and a supportive community in an easier way.

The round fundraising attracted mostly women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

The investors in Health In Her HUE include Unseen Capital, The Genius Guild Greenhouse Fund, Seae Ventures, and Female Founders Alliance with participation from angel syndicates BLXVC, Bedua Partners, and Pipeline Angels.

HIHH’s solutions fight racism related to healthcare for Black women and women of color.

The Center for Disease Control reported that Black women are two-to-three times more likely to die during childbirth than white women. If they had a culturally sensitive doctor, their outcomes may be improved.

Ashlee Wisdom, Co-Founder & CEO at HIHH said,

“We know that Black women are looking for healthcare providers they can trust to listen to them and provide them culturally sensitive care. This shouldn’t have to mean only going to see a Black doctor or doctor of color, but if that’s a patient’s preference, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it currently is to find those providers. We see an opportunity to leverage technology to help make those connections, and provide content that will support all doctors, clinicians, and practitioners to provide more culturally sensitive care to the women using our platform.”

The startup currently has partnered with about 1,000 culturally sensitive healthcare providers including doctors, doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and therapists.

The new funds will help HIHH with the development of a new platform and a membership experience offering women support through tailored content, consults, care recommendations, and other benefits.

The startup launched its beta program to help women find and connect with culturally aligned and sensitive healthcare providers, culturally attuned health content, and other assets.