The Best Running Watches To Buy In 2021

While it might not be the first question on your mind after a punishing run (that should be whether or not you’ll ever feel your jelly legs again), you’re soon going to want to know just how fast you’ve been running. So thank goodness for the rise in running watches, which will also happen to … Read more

Cani-cross is the fastest growing running sensation: get involved today

Would you believe there is an actually recognised sport where you and your fluffy little pooch can enter together and enjoy together?! Another special bond for you pair to share (other than those daft dog antics that never fail to amuse us; from refusing to go walkies to stealing the Thanksgiving turkey off the side). … Read more

Nike Air Max 95 Running Club DH2718-400

Yet to be officially announced by the brand, the Nike Air Max Running Club collection has recently emerged via a handful of pairs via official and unofficial images. The latest proposition to surface under the “AMRC” banner is the Nike Air Max 95. Separating itself from previously-seen options from the forthcoming collection, the latest thematic … Read more

Tommy Tuberville, U.S. Senator and former football coach, does not regret running Trump’s playbook

Jan. 6 is something that has stuck, not just to Tuberville but the whole Republican party. Far from moving on, Trump’s obsession seems to have deepened: Last week, he referred to solving “the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020” as the “single most important thing for Republicans to do.” Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow, has … Read more

HOKA Running Sneaker Review 2021

“At first, our consumers consisted primarily of runners who were ‘in the know’ about athletic shoe trends, and now everyone is trying HOKA — college kids, Olympic athletes, streetwear influencers, fashion designers, walkers, people who are recovering from an injury, etc.,” Gretchen Weimer, HOKA’s Global VP of Product, writes me in an email. “Our dedication … Read more