Podcast Ep 9: 2021 Recap: K-Pop Music Videos – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes As 2021 is coming to an end, tune into the latest episode of Yes Whut where Zoe, YesStylist editor Sarah and YesAsia Chief Editor Shelley discuss everything from aesthetics to style inspo in some of their favorite K-pop music videos of the year. They look at the fashion trends in … Read more

‘Project Runway’ Season 19, Episode 2 Recap: ‘#Streetwear’

Might I suggest draping yourself in a warm blanket before we begin? Things get a lil’ icy in the Project Runway workroom this week—courtesy of some hair-raising ignorance and a patchwork vest—so, before we unpack, let’s all assume a comfortable sitting position. The good news? Wisdom Kaye, TikTok’s reigning fashion king, is this week’s guest … Read more

‘Project Runway’ Season 19, Episode 1 Recap: Premiere, ‘A Colorful Return’

Each season, I expect three things from Project Runway: Fashion so marvelous I’m tempted to burn my entire wardrobe, fashion so terrible I question whether I could make a better sequin skirt, and at least one cheeky contestant with absolutely no filter. Folks, it’s episode 1 of Project Runway season 19, and we’ve already got … Read more

A Virtual Style Summit Recap

Just last week, Hearst Magazine collaborated with Hearst Black Culture and HearstLab to debut the first Celebrate Black: A Virtual Style Summit. Hearst partnered with Nike to host three-day series that was moderated by Hearst’s very own staff members as they spoke and the important work being done within the company that helps amplify the … Read more

IGTV We Tried Recap: Mask-Proof Makeup – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Shop the makeup Romy used for the mask-proof hack below: Step 1: Foundation so natural’s All Day Tight Make Up Setting Fixer General Mist Lightly spritz the setting spray over the areas where you’ve dotted out the foundation, and then blend out with a foundation brush or beauty blender. Instead of slathering foundation all over … Read more

HIMSS21: Recap of In-Person and Virtual

It is promising that large conferences are once again happening in person. With the recent surges of the Delta variant, however, conference organizers are rightly vigilant and often needing to contend with a multitude of local and state regulations along with the needs of an international conference base. I was certainly hoping to attend my … Read more

Amazon Making the Cut Season 2 Finale Recap and Results

The second season of Prime Video’s Making the Cut comes to a riveting end today as hosts Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum declare a winner. Making the Cut season two introduced us to 10 talented designers: Lendrell Martin, Dushyant Asthana, Olivia OBlanc, Ally Ferguson, Joshua Scacheri, Raf Swiader, Lucie Broachard, Gray Graham, Andrea Salazar, and … Read more

IGTV We Tried Recap: GRWM ft. Noob – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

Shop all skin care items and makeup products below. The Skin Care Basics Step 1: Start the morning on the right note with COSRX’s Balancium B5 D-Panthenol Cream, a soothing and skin-strengthening moisturizer in a mild formulation suitable for sensitive skin. Step 2: Follow up with spritzes of PETITFEE’s Hydro Cream Face Mist, which contains … Read more