Justine Marjan Shares the Products She Can’t Live Without

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan might have the most zen beauty wardrobe we’ve ever seen. When Marjan films all of her video content at her Riki Loves Riki mirror and vanity in her glam room, she’s surrounded by fresh flowers and crystals.  “I feel like they really do help to neutralize the air and bring positive energy into this … Read more

25 Best Silk Press Products 2021 for Silky Straight Hair

As the temperatures cool down, hair salons are heating up—meaning it’s officially silk press season, notably for those of us with natural hair. The best silk press products will transform your luscious curls into the silky straight look of your dreams. But what even is a silk press? Yene Damtew, the hairstylist known for coiffing … Read more

15 Best Chanel Makeup Products 2022: Chanel Beauty Products

You may look to Chanel for its iconic Boy bag or signature-scent-worthy perfumes, but the label’s makeup lineup is noteworthy, too. With sleek black lacquered compacts and bullets embossed with the house’s signature Cs, Chanel makeup products offer a luxury experience every time you reach for them. Sure, you could snag some high-quality makeup at the drugstore. But … Read more

SOS Secures $3.4 mln to Facilitate Access to Health and Wellness Products On-the-Go

SOS, a female-founded wellness startup based in Boston, has raised $3.4 million in funding to support women by meeting their daily health needs. The round was led by For Later LLC, with participation from the Khan family, owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C.; Jerod Mayo, a New England Patriots coach and former player; … Read more

Forte Series – Salon-Grade Hair Care & Styling Products For Men By Alex Costa

Influencer brands are ten-a-penny – but are they any good? Alex Costa is one such American social media star with his own line of professional style hair care products: Forte Series. Having sampled many grooming products over the years, he was well placed to understand the range he wanted to create. Let’s be honest, a … Read more

11 Products With Humectants for Soft, Moisturized Skin

Everyone can use and benefit from humectants since they’re one of the key ingredients to properly moisturize your skin with (yes, even if you’re oily). “Since humectants draw moisture from wherever they can find it, both from the air and deeper skin layers, it’s important for the formulation to also have occlusives to help trap the … Read more