18 Cool Menswear Brands From Alternative Fashion Capitals

Paris, New York, London and Milan: the Big Four when it comes to fashion. For years, these cities have been considered the definitive capitals of couture. An exclusive, omnipotent foursome by which the style preferences of the planet are dictated on a bi-annual basis. As a collective, and on their own, these hotspots may wield … Read more

Menswear Got Weirdly Weather-Centric at Last Night’s American Music Awards

With the award show circuit back on, celebrities simply cannot stop getting looks off these days. Last night, they flocked to the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles for the American Music Awards, but as we’re getting a little later into the year, the fits are becoming more and more placeless—if only meteorologically. Umbrella hats! Puffer … Read more

SSENSE Black Friday Sale 2021: 23 Epic Buys from the Biggest Menswear Sale of the Season

The SSENSE Black Friday Sale 2021 is finally, finally here—and it’s every bit as epic as we’d hoped. Whether you’re looking to stock up on everyday staples from Nike and Levi’s or treat yourself to some designer goods from Wales Bonner and Dries Van Noten, there’s an unending plethora of stylish, heavily-discounted menswear—452 pages worth!—worth … Read more

Bottega Veneta Announces Its New Designer, and He’s a Menswear Legend

Bottega Veneta stunned the fashion world last week when it announced that it was parting ways with designer Daniel Lee, who had reinvigorated the Italian leather goods house known for “stealth wealth” in just over three years there. The abrupt announcement left the fashion world wondering whether Lee was headed for other pastures, but also … Read more

Farfetch Sale: 15 Scary Good Menswear Deals to Unleash Your Wildest Fits

Shoutout to all the single people out there. Because Singles Day—a so-called “shopping holiday” designed to celebrate singledom—has delivered us all a truly bonkers Farfetch sale. It’s an honest-to-goodness deals bonanza where you’ll score a whopping 22% off thousands of designer menswear goods from the likes of Wales Bonner, ERL, Comme Des Garçons, Beams Plus, … Read more

How Mohair Became the Biggest, Fuzziest Fabric in Menswear

They’ve burnt through Supreme-logo hoodies, hype sneakers, ironic Balenciaga tees, Telfar bags, and even a few purposefully goofy fitting pants. They’ve snapped fit pics in every possible pose. Now, the horde of fashion dudes who steer menswear aren’t after a logo, design, silhouette or even scarce sold-out clothes. Instead, they’re obsessed with something simpler: a … Read more

37 Men’s Essentials for 2021: The Best Menswear to Buy on Amazon Right Now

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Frontin’: The Story of the Most Influential Music Video in Menswear History

In just over four minutes, the video for “Frontin,’” Pharrell’s 2003 single, tours us through a house party in Miami. Lenny Kravitz mingles with Japanese streetwear designer Nigo. Lanisha Cole utters the secret phrase—“Neptunes Presents the Clones”—to enter the party, and immediately catches Pharrell’s eye. Jay-Z, in a banana-yellow shirt, appears momentarily, mostly through the … Read more