Female Hair Loss: Why It Happens, and What You Can Do

Supplements In the past, and during this particular bout of shedding, I took Nutrafol, a supplement that contains a combination of botanical ingredients and vitamins to support healthy hair follicles. It is formulated to treat hair loss in multiple ways, containing highly-concentrated botanicals to support hair at every stage of the growth cycle, Engelman explains. … Read more

Working parents with vulnerable kids face a painful choice: In-person school or job loss

While Boatright’s husband has had to go back to his office a few days a week, her job as a music teacher allows her to work from home, and she expects to do so as long as needed. “It’s not ideal to teach lessons with ‘Sesame Street’ going in the background, but my students have … Read more

Do Hair Loss Shampoos Actually Work?

There’s not baldy-headed chap alive who doesn’t vividly remember the moment he looked in the mirror and realised for the first time that his beloved hair was retreating from battle. It’s a harrowing moment in which a man learns two unsettling things simultaneously. Firstly, his looks are about to change forever. And secondly, he’s not … Read more