Dua Lipa Turns Lifestyle Guru With The Launch Of Service95

The project feels like a natural evolution of Dua’s influential Instagram account, where some 75 million followers lap up the star’s every Balenciaga-clad move. (Recent lo-fi snaps find her stopping for stroopwafels in Amsterdam, hitting up a natural wine bar on a girls’ trip to Paris, and flitting from gym session to cult west London … Read more

Tom Holland, Skin Care Guru, Is Ambivalent about His $400 Face Mask

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Clean Swap: How a Workout Guru Cracked the Code on Glowy Skin

As founder and CEO of Pretty Girls Sweat—a company devoted to helping end childhood obesity with nationwide workout events for women and girls—Atlanta-based Aeshia DeVore Branch looks every bit the part of someone who exercises (and extols its benefits) for a living. It’s not just the forty-two-year-old mom of three’s noticeably sculpted arms and gracefully … Read more

A Hair Guru and Scalp Expert’s 6 Tips for Your Healthiest Hair Ever

Her spirally curls shine with health, and her close-cropped cut exudes effortless cool, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that Bridgette Hill is both a colorist and a certified trichologist. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, Hill is sought-after for helping even the toughest cases love their hair back into soft, shiny silkiness; clients from all … Read more

James Hunt, The Celebrity Credit Guru, Explains Why A High Income Doesn’t Guarantee A High Credit Score

If you have ever wondered why apparently wealthy people struggle with poor credit, James Hunt, a.k.a. The Celebrity Credit Guru, has a simple explanation. If Mr. or Ms. Ordinary Salary Slave absentmindedly pays a bill late, their credit score takes a hit. If Joe or Jane Millionaire absentmindedly pays a bill late, their credit scores … Read more