Headhunting in Austin, Texas – A Brief Guide

Headhunting is the process of identifying and approaching qualified and suitable people employed elsewhere to fill senior positions in organizations. It is also known as executive search. Headhunting can be carried out by the HR of a company or a recruiting agency. Unlike recruitment that is usually a hiring drive, headhunting is a complete process … Read more

How To Pack For Holiday: An Essential Guide

Holiday: undoubtedly one of the finest words in the English language. Seven simple letters that signify a well-deserved chance to leave adult life behind, wallow in pools, sip exotic cocktails and relax mind, body and soul. ‘Relax’ being the operative word, it does seem a little counterintuitive to begin a holiday in the manner that … Read more

The Complete Guide to Buying Car Speakers: Everything to Know

Resonating beats naturally command our attention. Neuroscientists are discovering that our brains are hard-wired to appreciate bass. We pick up on the low-lying vibrations, better than higher-pitched frequencies. The only problem is that few people have the right speakers to produce quality tones–and wind up with buzzing hum sounds instead. If you want to bathe … Read more

The Beauty Department Shops the Gift Guide

Photo courtesy of Paul Farnham/The Licensing Project Chanel sled, check. Mirrored tree house in Sweden, check. But beyond the ridiculous but awesome, there are few presents that delight both giftee and gifter as easily as beauty products: They don’t need to fit, they feel personal but delight many, and they’re that perfect combination of tantalizing … Read more

Week 4: Men’s | Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Do you ever find yourself struggling for gift ideas for Christmas? From boots and slippers to handbags and accessories, our Christmas Gift Guide is here to help.  For seven weeks, we’re bringing you seven Christmas Gift Guides with seven Hotter products for that little bit of inspiration. Find an array of bestsellers, casuals, formal and … Read more

Watch Vanessa Hudgens’s Guide to Caring for Oily Skin—And Girls’ Night Out Makeup

For actor Vanessa Hudgens, healthy skin starts with one rule: Wash your face. “Even if it’s midday and you’re putting on your makeup to go out with your girlfriends, cleanse. Get everything off so you have a really clear face,” Hudgens advises. The Tick, Tick…Boom! star begins prep for a girls’ night out with her … Read more