Holiday Shopping List: What’s New in goop Home This November

We’re Obsessed with Flamingo Estate—and Most Obsessed With Its Enchanting Candles Do we want to be out in the gardens, harvesting organic vegetables and sipping champagne? We do very much want to live at LA’s Flamingo Estate, where the vintage cars are filled with roses and the dinner parties are the stuff of legend. To … Read more

The Top 10 Beauty Questions We Get at goop

Photo courtesy of Anna Dabrowska/The Licensing Project How do I find the perfect shade of tinted moisturizer? Should I layer my skin care? What’s the best way to treat dry skin? Breakouts? The beauty concierge team—they’re part of goop’s new personal shopping department, and they’re there to field your beauty questions every weekday from 9 … Read more

What goop Editors Are Hoping to Unwrap This Year

We’re making our lists and checking them twice, and with all the adding-to-cart in the name of gift-giving, we’ve racked up a few wish-list toppers along the way. Below, eight editors share what they’re hoping for most—so here’s hoping the right people see this. 1 Sandra Slusarczyk associate fashion editor “Chunky, cozy, yet very chic, … Read more

Keep Calm—and Moisturize | Goop

Hello, My Age Is: 49 Barbara Sturm, MD | aesthetic doctor, founder and CEO of Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics After decades of treating clients’ skin concerns, from fine lines and irritated skin to blemishes and scarring, skin whisperer Dr. Barbara Sturm (listen to her here on The Beauty Closet) believes the key to healthier, … Read more

The Cast of Netflix’s Sex, Love & goop

Already watched Sex, Love & goop on Netflix? Still thinking about the brave and vulnerable and wonderful participants in the series? Wondering what they’re up to now? Here you go. Erika on left, Damon on right DAMON How have you been since filming the show? I’ve been great. The big news is that Erika and … Read more

What’s Your Erotic Blueprint? | Goop

The sensual type is someone who’s turned on by all of their senses being ignited. This is someone who loves tastes, smell. They want to walk into a beautiful setting when they’re coming into their erotic play. They bring the artistry. And so the superpower of sensual is that they have full-body access to orgasmic … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Family Constellations on Netflix’s Sex, Love & goop

Rosen Method Bodywork is a form of somatic therapy that does not separate the mind and body. In Rosen, we know that one of the most effective ways to reach the unconscious is through the body, and we use touch and talk to access the deep feelings and emotional patterns that are often not accessible … Read more

GP’s Signature Style on Sex, Love & goop, Dissected

G. LABEL MAXINE RIBBED CARDIGAN (coming soon), goop, $595; G. LABEL VILAN TANK SWEATERDRESS (coming soon), goop, $625; HEREU LOAFERS, goop, $475 In partnership with our friends at Cartier What makes Gwyneth’s style so covetable? It’s a question we’ve often pondered and a topic that felt particularly ripe for discussion after her most recent on-screen … Read more

The Sex Starter Kit | Goop

In partnership with our friends at Slip You don’t need anything—or anyone—to have sex with yourself, but even a small bedside toolkit can bring meaningful incremental pleasure to solo or group play. External Vibrator Oh, the superlatives and exclamation marks we could unleash for love of our first goop-made vibrator. It’s called the Double-Sided Wand … Read more