How To Make Everyone’s Favourite Drink

For a cocktail with only two ingredients, the martini receives a hell of a lot of airtime. Churchill’s daily consumption is well documented; Bond guzzled them like water. Mad Men’s Roger Sterling took his with vodka, while Hemmingway favoured The Montgomery. Although these men were very particular about how they ordered theirs, the everyman voice … Read more

How to Drink Prosecco: Mionetto Cocktail Recipes 2021

Mionetto is one of the biggest names within the prosecco game, perhaps because the winery’s been around since 1887. The winery was the brainchild of Italian winemaker Francesco Mionetto, in Valdobbiadene, a locale within the heart of the Prosecco region. Since Ceola’s been at the helm, more than 1.8 million cases of prosecco have been … Read more

The Summer Drink GP Dreamed Up

In partnership with our friends at Miami Cocktail Company If you could make your dream cocktail, what would it be? Ours would be fresh-tasting, with bursts of citrus and bubbles, balanced by not-too-sweet fruit and herbs. It would be organic, obviously, and made with the highest-quality ingredients and with integrity. It would need to be … Read more

I drink dell’estate 2021: tutte le novità tra cocktail, vini e distillati

Belvedere presenta Summer Bay, un programma esclusivo dedicato ai vodka lovers, pensato per celebrare i colori, la freschezza e la naturalità dell’estate. Per il progetto, il brand ha selezionato sei location in tutta Italia, che per tutta la stagione vestiranno i colori di Summer Bay con un set up dedicato e coloratissimo: dal Coco Beach … Read more