Nike Air Presto Big Kids Smoke Grey Green Strike DQ4718-001

The T-Shirt for your feet, otherwise known as the Nike Presto, continues to debut in kids’ exclusive colorways. Here, it shrouds a series of drab greys with a bright neon cage. Said overlay is dyed a bright “Green Strike,” which complements both the branding along the tongue/toe as well as the white tooling’s many details. … Read more

Meghan Markle On Archie’s Life As a Big Brother To Baby Lili

On Thursday, Meghan Markle spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Degeneres Show about what it’s been like for two-year-old Archie to take on the role of being a big brother to five-month-old Lili. The Duchess of Sussex explained it’s definitely been an adjustment, but a joyful one. “I think it’s just, everyone tells you … Read more

Nike Air Max 97 Big Kids Black Sport Red White 921522-028

There’s certainly nothing wrong with reusing colorways — especially when their predominantly clad in neutrals. Even Nike is prone to mimicry, which is evident in this upcoming Big Kids’ Air Max 97. Almost identical to an adult option, the pair casts many of its parts in black. It’s not difficult to see this across the … Read more

Grown Founder Kaya Nova On Making It Big

Not many of us could decide on a major as sophomores in college, much less launch a career-defining venture, but that’s exactly what Kaya Nova did. While she was a second-year music student at Spelman, Nova started blogging about the roller-coaster of emotions she was experiencing as a young Black woman who was the first … Read more

These Gucci Sneakers Have Big Main Character Energy — & You’ll Want To Build All Your Outfits Around Them

// Show numbers on the images in page, set to false before publish to turn them off const toolsOn = false; // Tools function tagImages() { let e, t = document.querySelectorAll(“.section-image .img-container”); for (e = 0; e < t.length; e++) { t[e].setAttribute("id", ["image" + e]); if (toolsOn == true) { let n = document.createElement("DIV"); t[e].appendChild(n), … Read more

Black Designers Had a Big Night at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Considering the industry’s slow progress on championing Black representation, last night’s ceremony offered a glimpse into a more inclusive future. Black designers had a big night at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. They took home a range of prestigious awards, a testament to the breakthrough fashion moments they’ve orchestrated this year. From Telfar Clemens’s numerous … Read more

21 Best Bras for Big Boobs

Courtesy The relationship a person has with their boobs is truly a personal one. Sometimes you want them bigger, sometimes you want them smaller, and sometimes you don’t want them at all. No matter the case, you should be able to buy a bra that fits comfortably and is still stylish. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always … Read more

Imgesu Cetin Sees Big Opportunities in Big Data, Blockchain

Is blockchain only appealing to male developers? Think again. Or at least that’s the thinking of Imgesu Cetin, the CEO and co-founder of DeFy Trends, an up-and-coming blockchain data analysis platform. While DeFy Trends is focused on providing top-tier analysis of the blockchains that make cryptocurrency possible, Cetin’s background is in data science. She has … Read more