Solitude Studios Is Creating Pieces That Blend In With Nature

It’s not all so rough and textural, though. The label also has more refined pieces, like its wool crochet bucket hats, or its “field of flowers” button-up shirt, made from cotton with upcycled, sewn cutouts applied onto it. Nature, unsurprisingly, always serves as the inspiration for their designs—no matter how literal. “I try to go for a walk in the woods at least once a week, to look at nature and animals,” says Bruun. 

While the look and feel of their garments serve as an ode to Mother Earth, the way they make them is equally as eco-friendly. Among other techniques, the duo have used coffees, teas, and rust to dye their clothing. “We’re both drawn to craftsmanship and pushing our own boundaries of what’s possible to make,” says Bruun. “We have this new technique where we put our untreated fabrics in the swamp and we let it dye it for us. It gets these amazing, beautiful colorations and small holes, because all of the small animals who live there eat it.” Frederiksen adds that they are often drawn to a more rough, unrefined finish. “We try to emphasize the small mistakes that a human hand can make,” he says.

Photo: Courtesy of Solitude Studios

Up next, the duo will be working on their first fashion show, which will debut during Copenhagen Fashion Week next February. “A lot of the pieces are going to have an overgrown, worn look,” says Bruun of the upcoming collection. “We’re thinking about the materials’s lifecycle, and imagining how it would look when nature reclaims what was taken from it.” It’s also going to have a slight sci-fi feel, which is new territory for the duo. However, sustainability will still remain at the core, even if it looks futuristic. “We reached out to a big company who washes hotel linens, and they gave us a bunch of leftover towels, which we’ve been experimenting with a lot,” says Frederiksen. Ultimately, they want their work to change how we view (and treat) our planet. “We’re hoping to spark a reconnection to nature,” says Bruun. “And re-establishing what we feel is a long-gone symbiotic relationship.”

Photo: Courtesy of Solitude Studios