Smude-Proof Liquid & Kohl Eyeliners

Waterproof eyeliner is a beauty must-have, reserved for moments when you need your look to hold up against the elements. Not only is it essential during the summer months when temperatures rise and test our makeup’s staying power, but it’s also crucial for tear-jerking events—be it a wedding or a new episode of your favorite TV drama. Or, perhaps there’s simply some intense rain projected in the weather forecast. Whatever the case, it’s time you add a budge-proof eyeliner (or two) to your makeup collection.

As is the case with just about every makeup category, there are hundreds of waterproof eyeliner formulas out there, including pencils, gels, creams, and liquids to suit your needs. Easy-glide felt-tip liquid eyeliner is a godsend for cat-eye enthusiasts, while a creamy pencil will work wonders for those who prefer a defined waterline. 

Looking to add a new one to your makeup collection? Ahead, shop the 16 best waterproof eyeliners that we trust to stay put from morning until night.