Shop the Tie-Dye Team USA Olympic Bucket Hat by Ralph Lauren

Skateboarders aren’t the only ones serving up fashion inspiration at the Olympics. Team USA athletes have taken a liking to one particular piece of merch they were gifted upon arrival in Tokyo: Ralph Lauren’s tie-dye bucket hat. Covered in a red, white, and blue pattern reminiscent of melted Rocket Pops, the coveted hat reads “USA” in navy lettering on the front and features the official logo patch of the US Olympic team. It’s just one of the many tie-dye loungewear pieces Ralph Lauren designed for American Olympians and Paralympians to wear during their downtime between competitions, in addition to creating both their opening-ceremony and closing-ceremony outfits.

The accessory has garnered quite a bit of buzz this month, thanks to athletes like rugby player Ilona Maher, who’s consistently worn the hat in a series of behind-the-scenes TikToks that’ve gone viral on the app. As it turns out, the hat is actually available for purchase on Ralph Lauren’s website and in select stores right this very second, so fans of the Olympics can snag one to wear while cheering on their favorite sports stars from home. It costs quite the pretty penny — 70 buckets, to be exact — but hey, maybe you can go halfsies on it with a friend or roommate? Shop the patriotic must have ahead.