Shop Audrey’s Bag From the Gossip Girl Reboot Episode 2

Like the original, half the fun of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot is the fashion — in fact, maybe it’s most of the fun, if you ask us. Especially when you factor in the fresh labels costume designer Eric Daman is bringing to the small screen. On the heels of the splashy Christopher John Rogers fashion show in the episode’s premiere, Daman proves the reboot has both mega fashion moments and enviable but relatable everyday style from the Constance crew that’s admittedly cooler than we remember from Serena or Blair.

The latest example of his expert styling is this JW Pei handbag spotted on the arm of Audrey in the reboot’s second episode. The structured shoulder bag from the contemporary label comes in a chic croc finish that goes with practically everything — and retails for $129. If you’re feeling inspired, you might want to jump on this one before it flies off the shelves, like we suspect much of the wardrobe spotted in the new series will.