Shailene Woodley Says Being With Aaron Rodgers Is “Whole New World”

As she continues spending time with fiancé Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley is learning about an aspect of life that was previously out of bounds for her. 

During the 29-year-old Big Little Lies star’s visit to Late Night on Monday, July 19, host Seth Meyers asked about the fact that she wasn’t previously a sports fan prior to their whirlwind romance, and whether she “felt the need” to improve her knowledge of NFL terminology as she has melded her own life with that of the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback. 

“I guess I haven’t felt any pressure to, but it’s exciting,” Shailene shared. “The Packers games are the only ones I find really interesting because I have people to actually root for.”

She continued, “But it is a whole new world, learning all of the different—I still am always, ‘Oh, you scored a goal.’ He’s like, ‘It’s a touchdown.’ Or I’ll be like, ‘You crossed the line,’ and he’s like, ‘It’s a yard,’ or whatever.” Sensing that she still hadn’t quite mastered the lingo, the actress added, “I still can’t get it right, but I’m learning, slowly but surely.”