Sex and The City Outfits & Style Transformations: SATC Reboot Looks

To wear an unconventional outfit (like a chartreuse belt wrapped around a bare midriff) so aplomb with confidence that it inspires legions to recreate the look requires something special—and as expected, Sarah Jessica Parker continues to bring to life Carrie’s eclectic, fashion-crazed taste with the elegance only she holds. Our favorite sex columnist, author, style icon, overall multi-hyphenate is still unafraid of color and clashing prints. (Truly, Ms. Bradshaw was a career woman ahead of her time.) Hemlines seem less leggy and though the silhouettes are more voluminous than slinky these days, this progression is a display of confidence in knowing exactly what works. Leave it to Bradshaw to champion expert clothing combinations, artful layering, and bold accessorizing to boot. Here, her love for colorful prints carries on: a vintage sequined dress is juxtaposed by a cream duster—still printed, but neutral in shade and softer in shape—then accented with on-trend enamel and pearl jewelry.

The shoes (a pair of bronze Saint Laurent Farrah platforms) are noteworthy, of course, but it’s the Fendi we can’t help but squeal for. Even the most peripheral of fans can recall that iconic scene where Carrie corrects the robber demanding to hand over her bag. “It’s a Baguette.”

And just like that, the Fendi Baguette was forever solidified in fashion and pop culture history, making regular appearances throughout the series. To contain our delight in seeing this Easter egg appear in 2021—a stunning, purple sequined Baguette of an egg at that—would be an impossible task. Unfortunately for us, that exact shoulder bag (excuse us, Baguette) is impossible to track down even on our favorite consignment e-tailers. The good news, though, is that Fendi commemorated the launch of the iconic silhouette with its 1997 re-issue. One satin pink Baguette to go, please; it’s not settling if it’s still sequined.