See Zac Efron Break His Grandfather Out of Nursing Home in New Video

Zac Efron is giving Tom Cruise a run for his money with this adorable Mission: Impossible-themed Instagram video.

The 17 Again actor gave his Instagram followers a look at his covert mission in which he broke his grandfather out of a retirement home. Though it’s seemingly easy to check grandpa out for the day, Zac and brother Dylan upped the ante by stealthily walking through the lobby and hallways before stealing an employee badge—all while the Mission: Impossible theme music played in the background.

Having evaded capture, the brothers slipped into their grandfather’s room, where their relative sat ready with a newsboy cap on. “Let’s get out of here,” the older gentleman quipped.

After wheeling grandpa out of the retirement home, the brothers went for a drive and got him a fresh Coca Cola along the way. They then went to their family home where they enjoyed the final game of the Euro cup.

In other words, the mission was a success.