See the Juicy First Look of Impeachment: American Crime Story


We doubt the Clintons are going to love the latest season of American Crime Story.

Days after FX shared a first look at their season three key art for the Ryan Murphy-produced anthology series, the network upped the ante by sharing a juicy new teaser on Wednesday, August 4. In the just-released footage, Monica Lewinsky, played by actress Beanie Feldstein, packages up a present for “Bill.” The Bill in question is, of course, former President Bill Clinton, who is played by Clive Owen.

As Monica makes her way through the West Wing, a message reads: “Based on a true story. Washington D.C., 1995. The President of the United States had a secret affair with a 22-year-old intern.” 

While Monica doesn’t say anything in the new teaser, the actions of those around her speak volumes. For example, a secretary with an all-knowing look buzzes over the intercom, “Mr. President, Ms. Lewinsky is here to see you.”


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