See the Captivating First Trailer for NBC’s Ordinary Joe

It’s totally natural to ask “What if?” about life.

That’s the mantra at the heart of the new trailer for NBC’s upcoming drama, Ordinary Joe, which premieres on September 20. In the first look below, Joe Kimbrough (James Wolk) finds himself asking this very question regarding three major choices that lay ahead of him.

“What if I asked out that girl I just met?” Joe ponders in a voiceover following graduation. “What if I married my best friend? What if I followed in my father’s footsteps?”

The answer to each of these scenarios results in three different outcomes for the titular character. In one, Joe has found success as a singer and love with graduation girl, whose name is Amy (Natalie Martinez). However, this path isn’t all success and happiness as Joe and Amy seemingly struggle to conceive.

Meanwhile, path two finds Joe as a successful doctor, married to best friend Jenny (Elizabeth Lail) and a father. Again, not everything is picture perfect as Joe and Jenny are having issues and their son requires extra care due to a disability.