Russell Wilson Is Freshly Shaped Up and Deeply on Vacation


Luca Zanon / Getty Images

Russell Wilson 

Russell Wilson and Ciara celebrated their 5-year anniversary with a mega-dose of dolce vita across Italy this week, and the Seahawks QB was spotted looking extremely on vacation in Venice. But here’s proof that the most off-the-clock outfits go a little harder when your hair is exceptionally shaped up. 

Michael Imperioli 

We are desperate to know the secret to this grizzled and windswept masterpiece. Thinking: 200 miles in hour in a race car with no helmet?


Karwai Tang / Getty Images

David Beckham 

All eyes are on the English soccer team this weekend, but ahead of the Euro final David Beckham dropped by Wimbledon with some tidy stubble and some very vertical hair. 


Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Hugh Grant 

Also spotted at Wimbledon? The platonic ideal of swept-back silver fox. As for the sour look, we’ve just got to figure this is the face of a disappointed Roger Federer fan. 


Karwai Tang / Getty Images

James Norton and Eddie Redmayne

Two more approaches to Wimbledon hair: Norton flowing, Redmayne cropped. 


Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton 

On the other side of the English Channel was fashion week in Paris, and Lewis Hamilton took a break from his F1 battle against Max Verstappen to show off some braids and a tidy chinstrap. 


Edward Berthelot / Getty Images

Orlando Bloom 

Also in Paris was Bloom and his vertical short-on-the-sides, slicked-back situation. 


Arnold Jerocki / Getty Images

Matt Damon 

A good reminder that a little hair product can add that something when you’re running out the door. 

Joe Jonas 

More vertical hair! 

Bad Bunny 

Don’t get distracted by the nose ring or the beard—this look is all about the curly bangs.