Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF July 19 – 2 5, 2021

Have you sworn off love, Pisces, or put it “permanently” on the backburner? By now, you should know the futility of making such declarations. While you’ve weathered all kinds of heartbreak, you’re the zodiac’s die-hard romantic. And as Venus swings into Virgo (your opposite sign) for her annual visit this Wednesday, July 21, she could give you good reason to “try, try again.” With your seventh house of everlasting love under her glowing guardianship until August 16, you may cross paths with someone who has a glimmer of soulmate potential. Don’t be passive! Suggest meeting up for drinks or a Sunday stroll. If your hunches are correct, the magic will flow from there (as it always does). Only versatile mates who can roll with your ebb and flow will be able to hang. Stay positive! You might just find that paradoxical partner in the coming few weeks—or a BFF who can be the steady rock to your rolling stone.

Need to patch things up with your boo…or maybe just reconnect in THAT way? Peacemaking Venus guides you toward loving interactions. Don’t brush disappointment under the carpet. The trick is to clear your mind of assumptions and find out what was going on with them. Triggering as it may be to hear their defenses, these words might just create miracles: “Can you tell me more about how you’re feeling?”

When the lifegiving Sun bursts into Leo late Thursday or early Friday (depending upon your time zone), it activates a monthlong galactic glow-up in your sixth house of wellness. In addition to those long, starlit strolls, how about adding more heart-pumping HIIT workouts to the agenda? This annual solar cycle, which lasts until August 22, can have you feeling your healthy best on every level. Follow Leo’s regal rules and treat yourself like gold. “Spoil” yourself with avocado slices and organic kale instead of nightly scoops from the artisanal ice cream shop. And after a refreshing power nap in the hammock, take a luxurious bike ride through stunning natural scenery. If your emotions are still frayed from living through 2020 (or just modern life in general), invest in your healing. From bodywork to medical checkups to talk therapy, flood yourself with the support you need.

You can also turn self-care into a series of small, daily rituals, like doing a 10-minute morning meditation or journaling upon rising. Micro-resolutions are a lot easier to bite off than daunting, extreme life makeovers! For overworked Fish, the best thing you can do is hit the brakes and set up savvier systems. Office martyr is NOT a good look, Pisces, and it’s not going to win you any worthwhile awards. With the Leo Sun shining into your house of service providers, you could find an ideal assistant—or discover effective ways to team up with your existing colleagues to make workflow smoother for everyone.

Your third eye is wide open during Friday’s full moon in Aquarius and your metaphysical twelfth house. Wait…what’s that? It seems like “everyone’s” got a message for you, from your spirit guides to your ancestors to the shiny muse. And thanks to a rare second full moon in Aquarius on August 22, you could get a double dose of divine inspiration! Tune in: As a Pisces, your intuition has always been as integral to your decision-making process as sheer logic. This lunar lift can take it to the next level, where you home in on your soul’s purpose. But to really hear this guidance, you need to be in a quiet, meditative space without distractions or disruptions. You may have to rearrange your weekend schedule or move a Friday night plan. (But hey, would your friends be into vision boarding?) In your soul-searching, you may discover something that needs to be released. Since the twelfth house rules closure and transitions, this full moon could provide the necessary inspiration and support to let that person, behavior or limiting belief go—for once and for all! Remember that shifts like these are more of a marathon than a sprint.

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