Our Wellness Editor’s Secrets for a Good Night’s Sleep

Martin makes her bed every morning, so it’s super inviting when she returns at night. “My life feels more put-together once I’ve made the bed,” says Martin, who believes her sheets—the Signature line from Boll & Branch, made of the highest-quality cotton—make all the difference. “What I sleep on is everything. The sheets feel incredible on my skin, and I love how they look, too.”

That they’re organic is key, too, says Martin. “I nerd out about how the way we raise crops affects the environment—and how that affects our health—so I buy organic when I can,” she says. “The fact that my sheets are the softest, coziest, highest-quality, most comfortable I’ve ever slept in and that they’re ethically produced, made without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, and 100 percent organic cotton is truly the best.”