New York State Assembly Gives Cuomo 1 Week To Defend Himself In Sexual Harassment Investigation – CBS New York


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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  There’s a new development in the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment scandal.

Lawyers involved in the state legislature’s impeachment probe have given the state’s 56th governor one week to provide them with reasons why he thinks he should keep his job.

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As CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports, Cuomo isn’t going to have much time to make up his mind whether to resign or face an impeachment trial.

Sources tell Kramer the Assembly Judiciary Committee is looking to wind up its probe within weeks, and the charges will not likely be limited to sexual harassment.

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The clock is ticking loudly and time may be up on Cuomo’s term in office.

The governor and his lawyers were told by Assembly impeachment probers they have until a week from Friday to produce any evidence he intends to use to defend himself.

Lawyers told team Cuomo they want the information because their “investigation is nearing completion and the Assembly will soon consider articles of impeachment.”

Sources tell CBS2 they want the governor to submit his evidence in writing – having him testify in person would create too much of a dog and pony show.

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The impeachment report, sources say, is not expected to be limited to the disturbing findings by Attorney General Letitia James that the governor sexually harassed 11 women. It is also expected  to contain findings relating to nursing home deaths, and the governor’s controversial $5 million book deal.

The committee is also looking into whether the administration covered up potential structural problems on the Governor Mario Cuomo bridge, but that part of the probe was said to be months away from completion.

“This is just a matter of time before he’s gone. If he was not such a narcissist, and he actually could think about other human beings, he would say ‘Hey, I’m doing a lot of damage at this point. It’s time to go,’” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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If the Assembly does vote articles of impeachment, it will go to the Senate for trial.

“As a former federal prosecutor looking at the evidence in this case, it’s overwhelming. You are always looking for a pattern of behavior… and in this case, all of that was present,” New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky said.

Many hope it won’t come to that, because the Cuomo lawyers would face the possibility they would have to cross-examine some of the 11 women accusers, and try to discredit them.

“Think about those 11 women, and what he put them through. Just out of respect for how he wronged them, and trying to atone for his sins, he should step aside,” de Blasio said. “Just get the hell out of the way. And in the end, maybe, he can close off his career with one act of dignity and decency, and just step aside.”

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Although the Assembly has given the governor more time to mount a defense, Common Cause New York says why wait. The organization called on the governor to resign by Friday, and for the impeachment proceedings to start Monday.”


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