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The Paris-based brand Casablanca’s first collaboration with New Balance, the 327 from 2020, became one of the most talked about shoes of last year. It was a success that many found surprising, considering that Casablanca isn’t necessarily a household name yet.

For their second act, the Casablanca XC-72 is a variation on the classic New Balance runner, only with a sole that has been upturned at the toe, causing the front of the shoe to look like it’s levitating or about to take flight. The shoe comes in two colorways, one being orange and green — a signature of Casablanca. The other features a white and black base with red and yellow overlays on top. The shoe is also made with chrome-free suede and a vintage knit mesh fabric, and it’ll be available on Saturday on

The famed 327 and the new XC-72 do have many things in common. Both are colorful, intelligent plays on the classic New Balance silhouette. But there is something more mature about the XC-72, of which its main inspiration is sports cars, specifically concept cars from the ‘70s that feature aggressive shapes and pointed lines. It is also inspired by Monaco, Formula One and the Grand Prix. Most of Casablanca’s collections are inspired by this time period, which makes New Balance the perfect collaborator as the footwear brand is also known for its retro look and appeal. Previously, the XC-72 debuted in January during Casablanca’s fall ’21 show in Paris.

Casablanca XC-72, new balance

New Balance x Casablanca XC-72.

CREDIT: Courtesy of New Balance

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